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App Version: v0.4.2

Database Version: v0.4.0

Breaking Changes

  1. With a recent refactor some users been experiencing issues with an environmental variable not being set correct. If you are experiencing issues, please provide your comments Here.

  2. If you are a developer, you may experience issues with development as a new environmental variable has been introduced. Setting PRODUCTION=false will allow you to develop as normal.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Initialization script (v0.4.1a Hot Fix) - Closes #274
  • Fixed nested list error on recipe scrape - Closes #306
  • Fixed ingredient checkboxes - Closes #304
  • Removed link on recent - Closes #297
  • Categories sidebar is auto generated if no pages are created - Closes #291
  • Fix tag issues on creating custom pages - Closes #290
  • Validate paths on export - Closes #275
  • Walk Nextcloud import directory - Closes #254

General Improvements

  • Improved Nextcloud Migration. Mealie will now walk the directories in a zip file looking for directories that match the pattern of a Nextcloud Recipe. Closes #254
    • Rewrite Keywords to Tag Fields
    • Rewrite url to orgURL
  • Improved Chowdown Migration
  • Migration report is now similar to the Backup report
  • Tags/Categories are now title cased on import "dinner" -> "Dinner"
  • Depreciate ENV variable to PRODUCTION
  • Set PRODUCTION env variable to default to true
  • Unify Logger across the backend
  • mealie.log and last_recipe.json are now downloadable from the frontend from the /admin/about
  • New download schema where you request a token and then use that token to hit a single endpoint to download a file. This is a notable change if you are using the API to download backups.
  • Recipe images can now be added directly from a URL - See #117 for details