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Contributing with Translations

Translations can be a great way for non-coders to contribute to project. We use Crowdin to allow several contributors to work on translating Mealie. You can simply help by voting for your preferred translations, or even by completely translating Mealie into a new language.

Translations are regularly pulled from Crowdin and included in each new release.

Please use Crowdin as much as possible if you have any question/issue regarding a particular string. You can take a look at Crowdin Knowledge base if you want to know more about how to use this tool.

My language is missing in Mealie

Once your language is translated on Crowdin, we need to manually add it in Mealie. If you believe your language is ready for use, please create an issue on GitHub.

I can't find a particular text in Crowdin

There can be several reasons: - The text you're looking for is outdated: someone has already changed it or it will be removed/changed in the next release. - It is possible some texts are not translatable (yet) for technical reasons. If you spot one, please reach out to us on Discord or raise an issue on GitHub.